Workshop on Frontiers of Development Economics

A three day National Workshop on Frontiers of Development Economics was organized by the Department of Economics, Dibrugarh University from 19th March to 21st March, 2018 under the Departmental Research Support Scheme of the University Grants Commission (UGC).


The workshop was inaugurated by Professor A. B. Rajkonwar, Dean, School of Commerce and Management Sciences, Dibrugarh University. Professor Achin Chakraborty, Director, Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata, Dr. Yashvir Tyagi, Retired Professor of Lucknow University, Professor Mrinal Kanti Dutta of IIT-Guwahati, Dr. Sib Ranjan Mishra, Retired Professor of Viswa Bharati University, Professor Surajit Borkotokey of Dibrugarh University, Dr. Biswajit Chatterjee, Retired Professor of Jadavpur University and Dr. K. S. Mallikarjuna Rao of IIT-Bombay were invited as the resource persons.

A total of 34 participants from different disciplines took part in the Untitled2workshop. The resource persons highlighted some of the frontier areas of Development Economics and oriented the participants about the complex trajectories of growth and development. The participants were also familiarized with modern macroeconomics and dynamics of growth as well as with the conceptual and theoretical tools to analyse the same. Moreover, growth strategies undertaken in India to address poverty, unemployment and regional disparity through inclusive growth were critically analysed. The necessities of addressing the problems of intra-group inequality as well as reduction of massive corruption at different tiers of the government were also highlighted.

The workshop ended with a valedictory session chaired by Professor D.K. Chakraborty, Head, Department of Economics, Dibrugarh University.

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