National Conference on Nanomaterials Science, Technology and Applications

NAMASTA 2A two day National Conference on Nanomaterials Science, Technology and Applications (NAMASTA 2017) is organized by the Department of Physics, Dibrugarh University on November 10-11, 2017. The conference is sponsored by North East Council (NEC), Science and Engineering Board (SERB) and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).The inaugural session was held in the Indira Miri Conference Hall of the Dibrugrah University. The welcome address was delivered by Dr Bulumoni Kalita, Assistant Professor, Dibrugarh University and the Convener of the conference. In her speech she hoped that the conference would be able to provide a platform for the young researchers of the region to interact with some of the best minds in the field of nanoscience. Her address was followed by a brief introduction of the organizing department by Professor Kalyan Bhuyan, the Head of the Department of Physics, Dibrugarh University.


Inaugurating the conference, the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University, Professor Alak Kumar Buragohain emphasized on the importance of interdisciplinary and joint collaborative efforts for realizing the true potential of the nanoscience based applications. In his address he also fondly recollected his close association with the field. The inaugural address was followed by the release of an Abstract Volume, a collection of the summaries of various research papers to be presented during the conference. Professor G.P Das from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata performed the honours.

Professor Dipankar Das Sarma, Professor, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, delivered the Inaugural Plenary Talk titled “Fascination of Semiconductor Nanomaterials : Their Extraordinary Luminescent Properties”.Professor Sarma is one of the most prominent figures in the field of Material Science in the world and one of the pioneer figures of the field in India. His lucid explanations of the subject combined with his unique interacting skills mesmerized all sections of the audience, be it the students or the experts alike. It was a very very rare opportunity for the budding researchers of the region to listen to a researcher of this class. A short question-answer session was also organized after the completion of the talk. The inaugural session eventually concluded with vote of thanks offered by Dr Pankaj Dutta, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Dibrugarh University.


Professor P. K. Baruah Dean, Research and Development, Professor Lila Kanta Nath, Dean of School of Science and Technology, Dibrugarh University, many past and present faculty members, research scholars and students of different disciplines were also present in the inaugural ceremony.

As many as 11 experts in the field of nanoscience : Prof. D. D. Sarma (I.I.Sc), Prof. G.P. Das (I.A.C.S), Prof A. Chattopadhyay (IITG), Prof. A. Perumal (IITG), Prof. A. Kumar, Prof. R.C. Deka (Tezpur University), Dr B. Satpati (SINP), Dr P. Ghosh (IISER Pune), Dr A. De (T.M.C Mumbai), Dr D.N. Nath (I.I.Sc.) Dr. M. R. Das (NEIST) are scheduled to deliver their talks during the two day conference. A total of 70 scientific papers are to be presented by the participants during the conference.



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