Professor Ramkrishna Sen at Colloquium








Professor Ramkrishna Sen

As an initiative of the UGC sponsored Indo-US project, a technical talk was organised on the topic, 'A Bio Inspired Journey through the contemporary Global Research Challenges in Healthcare-Energy Environment and Water', by Professor Ramkrishna Sen, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Kharagpur in the Indira Miri Hall, on 16th May 2017.

Professor Ramkrishna Sen presented some of his notable research work in the area of Bioprocess Technology Development, especially focusing on Microbial/Microalgal Biorefining for Biorenewables. He dwelt upon the formulation of microbial surfactant, bio-fuel, bio-pigments, enzymes, probiotics in the context of the technological challenges and sustainability issues. Prof. Sen also discussed some of his major works which included commercial production of microbial surfactants, commercializing Lignocellulosic Bioethanol, production of Bioethanol from rice husk, production from Biodiesel from plant oil and microalgal lipid, production from Biodiesel by high performance chromatography, Biocatalytic production of biodiesel from cotton seed oil, application of surfactants in pharma, experimental modelling and optimizing, Development in RP-HPLC for purification of Lipopeptide isoforms. His presentation was followed by a stimulating interaction.



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