Mr. Bhargab Jyoti Saikia

Mr. Bhargab Jyoti Saikia
Mr. Bhargab Jyoti Saikia
Assistant Professor


Educational Qualification:

 M. Tech in Information Technology

 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

 North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology

 Arunachal Pradesh;India

Ph.d:  Pursuing from North Eastern Hilly University;India (Registered)

Teaching Experience:  3 Years

Research Experience:  4 Years

Area of Interest:

  • Theoritical Wireless Communication.
  • Information Theory.
  • Communication System [Analog and Digital].
  • Microprocessor.
  • Electronic Devices.

Web Link:

Subject Teaching:

  • Instrumentation.
  • Micro-controller and Microprocessor.
  • Analog Communication System.
  • Information Theory and Coding.
  • Semiconductor Device and Circuit. 

Professional Committee Membership:

1. Co-Ordinator of NEQIP Project Proposal Committee[2014].

2. Member of Revised Syllabus and Academic Regulation      Committee.[2014]

3. Member of Hostel Managment Committee.[From 2013 to Present.]

Technical Committee Membership:

1. IEEE membership of Kolkata Region.

2. IEEE Young Professionals ( A Global Community ), Membership.

Reviewer of Research Journal:

1. IET - Electronics Letter.


1. Warden of DUIET Hostel No:2;DU [From 2013 to present]

2. Invited Chief Guest in a discussion of ''Sheuj Prakiti"on 5th June 2013 at Dibrugarh on "The Sustainable Development of our Environment".

3. Painting and Drawing in a nos. of publised child liturature.[2013-2014].


1.Participated in Workshop on Image and Speech Processing (WISP 2013) Organized by IIT Guwahati and Center of Excellence in Signal Processing (CESP),IIIT Hyderabad on 13-14 December 2013 at IIT Guwahati.

2.Participated in Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on Signal and System, conducted by IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay under MHRD(Govt. of India )from January 2nd-12th January (2014)  at NERIST, Nirjuli ,A.P.

3.Participated in Two Week Workshop on Research Methodology conduct by NITTER ,Kolkata;February,2015.

4.Participated in One week workshop on Green IT organised by Center of Management Study;DU;February,2015

5.Participated in Two day Industry Academia Collaboration on Instrumentation organised by IOCL;Digboi;February;2015

6. Participated in Three days workshop on Outcome Based Education organized by NITTER ;Kolkata ;March,2015        


1.  Co-PI of a DeitY Sponsored Major project: [Ongoing]

 "Multiuser MIMO in 3GPP Long Term Evolution standerd using Soft- Computing Tools "

2. Guide of a NCSC [Govt of India] nationally selected project. Name: New Storage Mechanism of Mouchumbi Fruit using ECC Technique [2013].[Completed] Project Guided: 0 7 Nos.

A. A project on Performance analysis of TWDP fading Channel over MIMO System.

B.  A Project of Speaker Detection.

C. A Project on Wireless Power Transmission.

D. A Project on GPRS-GSM vehicular detection.

E. A project on Green Communication over Nakagami-m Fading Channels. 




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  •  D. Kaushik, A. Rajkhowa , P. Gogoi , B. Saikia, "Performance Analysis of MIMO over MIMO-LTE for MQAM Considering Rayleigh Fading Distribution", IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE), e-ISSN: 2278-2834,p- ISSN: 2278-8735.Volume 11, Issue 4, Ver. III (Jul.-Aug .2016), PP 41-49.

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