Dr. Ankita Borbora

Dr. Ankita Borbora
Dr. Ankita Borbora
Assistant Professor



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B.A.in Economics from Gauhati University (2006-2009)
  2. Master’s Degree: M.A. in Economics from Gauhati University (2009-2011)
  3. Ph.D.: Gauhati University (2018)

Professional Experience:

  • One Year Experience of Teaching in Graduate Classes in the Department of Economics, H.P.B. Girls’ College, Golaghat from 6th Feb, 2012 to 6th Feb, 2013
  • Two Years Experience of Teaching in Graduate Classes as well as in the Post Graduate Classes in the Department of Economics, D.K.D College, Dergaon From 7th Feb, 2013 to 31st May, 2015.
  • Working in the Department of Economics, Dibrugarh University since 12th October, 2015.

Areas of Interest/ Specialization:

  • Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Demography and Gender Economics


  • Life Member of the North East Economic Association(NEEA)


Research Publications

  1. "Decadal Pattern of Female Main and Marginal Worker Participation in India: A Spatial Evaluation”, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Vol-6, Issue 6, June, 2016, ISSN: 2250-3153
  2. “Economic Development and Gender Inequality in Work Participation: A Spatial Assessment of the Relationship in India”, The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, Vol- 4, Issue 5, May, 2016,  ISSN: 2321-9203
  3. “Sericulture Sector of Golaghat District: Disappointing Reality”, JOSSAC, ISSN: 2348-0602,Vol-I, January,2014
  4. “Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach: A Step up to the Assessment of Human-Wellbeing”, Gyanabiksha, ISSN-2278-934011, Vol -3, 2014
  5. “Imaginary Versus Real Position of North East India in Look East Policy”, ECOHIST, ISSN: 2278-9332 Vol-IV, 2013

Book Chapters:

  1. “Tour Packages to the Tourist Spots –Requirement of Assam Tourism Industry”, “Tourism Development and Planning in India” (ed.), ISBN: 978-93-8117-676-4, 2014, SSDN Publishers, New Delhi
  2. “Indian Service Economy and the Causes of Concern”, “DKDC ECONOMICA: An Anthology of Research”(ed.), ISBN: 978-81-924389-7-9, January, 2014, Department of Economics, D.K.D College.
  3. “A Glimpse into the Economic Empowerment of Women in Assam”, “AALOK” (ed), ISBN: 978-81-924389-3-1, February, 2014 ,Women Cell, D.K.D College
  4. “Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi & its Relevance in Globalised Economy of India”, published in National Seminar Proceeding Gandhian Thought and Its Relevance in the Age of Globalisation, November, 2013, D.K.D College ISBN: 978-81-924389-8-6


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