Mr. Abhijit Boruah

Mr. Abhijit Boruah
Mr. Abhijit Boruah
Assistant Professor




  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B.Tech(CSE) from Tezpur University
  2. Master’s Degree : M.Tech in Information Technology from Tezpur University
  3. Ph.D (Persuing).


Past Experience:

  1. Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Kaziranga University(August 2012- October 2012)
  2. Assistant Manager(IT), APDCL. (March 2012-August 2012)

 Areas of Interest:

  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics.


Other Administrative Duties/Assignments:

  1. Associate Training & Placement Officer, Dibrugarh University (Nov 2013-June 2015)
  2. Startup Coordinator of DUIET Startup Cell under TEQIP III, MHRD
  3. Member, TEQIP III Procurement Committee, DUIET.
  4. Assistant Officer I/C Exams 2017-18, DUIET. 
  5. Member, Training & Placement Advisory Committee, Dibrugarh University
  6. Member, Website Technical & Monitoring Committee, Dibrugarh University.
  7. Member, Center for Technology Innovation & Incubation(CTII), Dibrugarh University.
  8. Member, Digital Literacy Cell, Dibrugarh University.
  9. Member, National Academic Depository (NAD) Cell, Dibrugarh University.





International Journal

  1. Abhijit Boruah, Nayan M. Kakoty, Tazid Ali. Object Recognition based on Surface Detection - A Review. Procedia Computer Science 133 (2018): 63–74 Elsevier.
  2. Partha Pratim Barman and Abhijit Boruah. An RNN based Approach for next word prediction in Assamese Phonetic Transcription. Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier (Accepted on 01.06.18).
  3. Anurag N. Sarmah, Abhijit Boruah, Daisy Kalita, Darshana Neog, Saumay Paul. A Bio-Inspired Implementation of Walking and Stair Climbing on a Quadruped Robot. Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier (Accepted on 01.06.18).
  4. Abhijit Boruah. A Probabilistic Approach to Detect and Prevent Bandwidth Depletion Attacks. International Journal of Computer Applications 150(5):42-49, September 2016

Book Chapters

  1. Abhijit Boruah, Kamal Boruah, Biman Das, Manash Jyoti Das, and Niranjan Borpatra GohainA Bayesian Approach for Flight Fare Prediction based on Kalman Filter.  In: Panigrahi C., Pujari A., Misra S., Pati B., Li KC. (eds) Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 714. Springer, Singapore.
  2. Bharali P., Bhuyan C., Boruah A. (2019) Plant Disease Detection by Leaf Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network. In: Gani A., Das P., Kharb L., Chahal D. (eds) Information, Communication and Computing Technology. ICICCT 2019. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1025. Springer, Singapore

International Conference

  1. Abhijit Boruah and Shyamanta M. Hazarika: An MEBN framework as a dynamic firewall's knowledge flow architecture. IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks SPIN 2014, pp. 249-254. (Scopus Indexed).
  2. Abhijit Boruah, Nayan M. Kakoty, Tazid Ali. Reasoning on Objects' Geometric Shapes for Prosthetic Hand Grasping. International Conference on Advances in Robotics, ACM publication, 2019, IIT Madras.


  1. Presented paper titled “Towards Ontology and Semantic Mapping for Multi Agent Autonomous Robots” at Doctoral Symposium of Advances in Robotics (AIR) 2017,3rd International Conference of Robotics Society of India, IIT Delhi.


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