Dr. Pratim Barua

Dr. Pratim Barua
Dr. Pratim Barua
Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications:

  • MBA, M. Com. Ph.D.


  • Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting

Work Experience: 21 Years

Area of Interest:

  • Manpower Planning

Area of Research:

  • Organizational Behaviour and Manpower Planning



Research Publications:

  1. Nishant Thard & Dr. Pratim Barua- Paper published in “International Journal of Multifaceted and Multilingual Studies” titled “Identifying Variables Impacting Investment Behaviour: A Study Based on Review of Literature” having IMPACT FACTOR: 4.205; ISSN NO: 2394-207X (July 2016)
  2. Barua Pratim (2005), "Dynamics of Applied Manpower Planning– Its Importance in Employment Generation and Retraining and Redeployment", Vanijya, Vol. 15.
  3. Barua Pratim (2005), "The Interface of Human Technology in Marketing and Branding Destination India", Journal of Diphu Government College Commerce Society, Vol. II No. 1.

Books Published:

  1. Barua Pratim, Bezborah Pranjal, "Small Business Management", Kalyani Publishers.

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