Dr. D. Kardong

Dr. D. Kardong
Dr. D. Kardong
Associate Professor
Life Sciences



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: 1991
  2. Master’s Degree: 1994
  3. Ph.D.: 2011

Professional Experience:

  • 14 Years

Areas of Interest/ Specialization:

  1. Biochemistry, Microbial fermentation, Freshwater mollusc diversity.

Research Projects (completed): As PI

  1. Isolation and Biochemical characterization of Potential Amylolytic and Alcohol producing Yeast strains from Yeast cake (EPOP) used in preparation of PO:RO (Saimod), a traditional alcoholic beverage of the Mising tribe of Assam, India. Minor research Project UGC’s maximum grant against minor  
  1. Studies on the diversity and nutritional Aspects of edible mollucs of upper Brahmaputra basin. Major research project Sanctioned by SERB, DST no. SERB/F/4578/2013-14 dated: 17/10/13

Research Projects (ongoing): As Co-PI

  1. NFDB funded Project, ''Germplasm Inventorization, Brood Stocking and Captive Breeding of Ornamental Fish Species of Upper Brahmaputra Basin'' (F.No. 1378/NFDB/DU-As/Aqua-Park/2012-13)
  2. DBT Twinning Project, “An in-depth study of host-non-mulberry silkworm interaction with special reference to extra floral nectarines (EFN) and volatile organic chemical (VOC) of host plants and the silkworm’s adaptation to the host plant’s defense response”. (F No. DU/Dean/R&D/RP/DBT/DSB/2016/982-988)

Ph.D Scholars:

Sl. No.






Miss Munmi Pujari

Study on the Distribution pattern, Nutritional value and Phylogeny of Freshwater Bivalve Parreysia favidens (Benson) from Dibrugarh district



Sri Jyotish Sonowal

Studies on Diversity of Freshwater Mollusc Lamellidense (Bivalvia: Unionidae) From Upper Assam, India with Special Reference to Their Nutritional Significance



Sri Sosanka Protim Sandilya

Study on rhizobacteria of Ricinus communis L. and development of integrated Nutrient Management (INM) package with special reference to biofertilizer.



Miss Pinky Moni Bhuyan

Study on the gut bacteria of Antheraea assamensis Helfer with special reference to formulation of microbial consortium to enhance the silk productivity



Syeda Sabiha Salam

Screening and In Silico Validation of Antimalarial Activity of Few Traditionally Important Plant Derived Compounds.



Bhaba Kumar Pegu

Studies on Naringinase Producing Microorganisms from the Soil of Dibrugarh District, Assam and Characterization of Purified Rhamnosidase



Jitu Chutia

Studies on Edible Aquatic Macro-invertebrates of Poba Reserve Forest, with Special reference to their Nutritional value.



Administrative Assignments:

  1. Programme coordinator, NSS Cell, Dibrugarh University.
  2. Member of the Dibrugarh University Sports Board.
  3. Member of the Dibrugarh University Sports Advisory Committee.

Extension Service:

  • Conducting various awareness campaigns on Swacch Bharat programmes, Digital India programmes, Blood donation camps etc. through NSS activities in various places under the Dibrugarh University Jurisdiction.


Research Publications:

  1. D. Kardong and R.N.S. Yadav. Effect of Cold Stress on the Protein content, Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase in the Liver and Muscle tissue of different vertebrates. Bull. Life Sc. Vol. X PP. 63-70 (2002). ISSN 0971-5746.
  2. D. Kardong, S. Borah and R.N.S. Yadav. Biochemical and Haematological Responses to Starvation in Air-breathing Fresh water Teleost, H.fossilis (Bloch); J. Exp. Zoo. India Vol. 5:(2) PP. 195-199 (2002). ISSN No. 0972-0030.
  3. D. Kardong, R. Gogoi, P. Barua, A. Bora, A. Dutta, A. Dutta, R. Rai and R.N. S. Yadav. Effect of starvation on the activity of Alanine Transaminase and Aspartate Transaminase in various tissues of bird (C. livia), Amphibia (Bufo sps.) and Teleost (H. fossilis).” Bull. Life Sc., vol. XIV, 105-109, (2008). ISSN 0971-5746.
  4. D. Kardong, A.K. Verma, P. Gogoi, S. Singh, K. Gogoi, G. Bora and K. Sood. Endosulfan Induced Behavioral and Biochemical Changes in Air Breathing Fresh Water Teleost (C. Orientalis) in Tea Garden Localities of Upper Assam. Bull. Life Sc.; Vol. XV. 1-16 (2009). ISSN 0971-5746.
  5. M. Gogoi, S. Upadhyaya, M. Borkataky, D. Kardong, L.R. Saikia and R. Samanta. Use of Indigenous Plants in Traditional Health Care System by Mising Tribe of Upper Assam. SIBCOLTEJO, Vol. 05 (2010): 92-101. (ISSN: 0975-9867).
  6. D. Kardong, K. Sood, R.N.S. Yadav and T. C. Bora. Amylolytic activity of mold isolated from Epop used by the Mising tribe of Assam, India in preparation of alcoholic Rice beer. Bull. Life Sc.; Vol. XVI (2011). 92-101. ISSN 0971-5746.
  7. M. Borkataky, K. Sood, D. Kardong, B. B. Kakoty and L. R. Saikia. “Antibacterial activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Two folklore Medicinal Plants of North East India.” Bull. Life Sc.; Vol. XVI (2011). 73-80. ISSN 0971-5746.
  8. D. Kardong. Studies on the Changes of certain Parameters during fermentation of Saimod using Epop:  The Traditional Starter for Preparation of Alcoholic beverage by Mishing Tribe of Assam, India. J. of Assam Sc. Soc., (2011); Vol. 52(2): pp. 1-6. ISSN NO. 0587-1921.
  9. D. Kardong, M. Changmai, R.N.S. Yadav Biochemical response to artificially induced rot disease (Flacherie) in various tissues of Eri silk worm (Samia ricini Boised).” Bull. Life Sc.; Vol. XVII (2011): pp. 16-26. ISSN NO. 0971-5746
  10. D. Kardong, K. Deori, K. Sood, R.N.S. Yadav, T.C. Bora and B.K. Gogoi.  Evaluation of Nutritional and Biochemical aspects of Po:ro apong (Saimod)- A homemade alcoholic rice beverage of Mising tribe of Assam, India.” Ind. J. Trad. Know, (2012); Vol. 11(3):pp. 499-504.. ISSN-0972-5938
  11. D. Kardong, S. Upadhyaya and L.R. Saikia. Screening of phytochemicals, antioxidant and antibacterial activity in crude extract of Pteridium aquilinum Kuhn. J. of Pharm. Res. (2012). Elsevier (SciVerse ScienceDirect).
  12. J. Baruah, D. Kardong and G. Borah. Characterization and Antibacterial study of synthetic benzil bis (thiosemicarbazone) and its Palladium complex. Bull. Life Sc., Vol. XIX (2012): pp 03-12. ISSN 0971-5746.
  13. D. Kardong. Checklist, utility and status of molluscan fauna of Lesia beel in Dhemaji district, Assam. Bull. Life Sc.; Vol. XIX (2012): pp. 49-58. ISSN 0971-5746.
  14. P. Iraqui, D. Borah, D. Kardong and R.N.S. Yadav. Qualitative and Quantitative Screening of Phytochemicals of Meliosomma pinnata (Dermi), A Forest Based Vegetable Plant Traditionally Used by Mishing Community of Assam, India. Academic Sciences; Int. J. of Pharm. and Pharmaceutical Sc. (2013). 5(2): 200-203. ISSN- 0975-1491.
  15. D. Kardong, A.K. Verma, S. Upadhyaya and D. Borah.  Phytochemical and Cytotoxic property of wild Sarchoclamys pulcherrima Goud from Assam, North Eastern India. (2013): Int. J. of Pharm. and Pharmaceutical Sc. 5(4): 394-397. ISSN- 0975-1491.
  16. A.K. Verma, P. Nath, S.B. Prasad, D. Kardong, J. Arjun, D. Kashyap and R. Chillawar. Homology Modeling and characterization of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase (PEPCK) from Schistosoma japonica (Nov-Dec. 2013): IOSR Journal of Pharm. and Biol. Sc. (IOSR-JPBS) eISSN: 2319-7676 Vol. 8, Issue 5, PP 82-93.
  17. D. Kardong, B. Purkayastha, S. Upadhyaya and J. Chetia. Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Hepatoprotective Activities of Cissus rependa Vahl (Nol-tenga) on Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) Induced Liver Damage in Bird Columba livia. Asian. J. of Pharm. Clin. Res. (2014); Vol. 7(2):48-52. ISSN: 0974-2441.
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  19. G. Borah, J. Baruah and D. Kardong: Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(I) and Pd(II) complexes of p-anisaldene-thiosemicarbazone. Indian J. Chem. (2014); Vol. 53A, pp. 1520-1525.
  20. D. Kardong, M. Pujari and J Sonowal: DIVERSITY OF FRESHWATER MOLLUSC IN MAGURI BEEL -A FLOODPLAIN WETLAND OF TINSUKIA DISTRICT IN ASSAM, INDIA. Int. J. of Curr. Res. (2016); Vol. 8, ( 4): pp.29169-29176.
  21. A. Phukan, B. Chetia, J. G. Handique, D. Kardong: Antimicrobial, Antioxidant Activities and RP-HPLC Analysis of Three Edible Medicinal Plants Olax acuminata, Gnetum gnemon and Rhaphidophora hongkongensis. Natl. Acad. Sci. Lett. (2016); DOI 10.1007/s40009-016-0422-8.
  22. J. Baruah, G. Borah and D. Kardong: Ni(II), Cu(II) and Pd(II) Complexes of Anisaldehyde-4-phenyl-thiosemicarbazone: Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Study. Asian J. of Chem. (2016); Vol. 28 (11): 2446-2452.
  23. S. P. Sandilya,  P.M. Bhuyan, D. K. Gogoi and D. Kardong: Phosphorus Solubilization and Plant Growth Promotion Ability of Rhizobacteria of R. communis L Growing in Assam, India. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. B Biol. Sci. (2016); DOI 10.1007/s40011-016-0833-9.

Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Atanu Bora, R.N.S. Yadav and Devid Kardong (2014): Effect of Heavy Metal Cadmium on Total Protein, Amino acid Content  and Aspartate Amino Transferase Activity of Freshwater Snail Pila globosa;  Science Galaxy, A Golden Jubilee Commemorative Publication of Dibru College (ISBN No. 978-93-82283-67-6); pp. 189-195.

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