Mrs. Barsha Dutta Kakoty

Mrs. Barsha Dutta Kakoty
Mrs. Barsha Dutta Kakoty
Assistant Professor


Educational Qualifications: M.Sc, (Physics)


  1. Barsha Dutta, Bitap Raj Kalita and Pradip Kumar Bhuyan “L-band nighttime scintillations at the northern edge of the EIA along 95° E during the ascending half of the solar cycle 24”, 2018, Advances in Space Research, 61, 1744–1760,
  2. Barsha Dutta, Bitap Raj Kalita, P. K. Bhuyan,  S. Sarmah, R.C. Tiwari, K. Wang, K. Hozumi, T. Tsugawa, T. Yokoyama, M. Le. Huy  and T. T. H. Pham “Spatial features of L‒ band equinoctial scintillations from equator to low mid latitude at around 95ᴼ E during 2015‒16”, 2018, Journal of Geophysical Research, 123, 7767–7788,

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