Amrita Pritam Gogoi

Amrita Pritam Gogoi
Amrita Pritam Gogoi
Assistant Professor
Political Science


Educational Qualifications:

  • M.A. in Political Science, Gauhati University
  • M.Phil on "Women as Negotiators of Peace: Study of Five Cases", Center for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament, SIS, JNU
  • Ph. D: Pursuing on "Ideologies, Institutions and Women Combatants in the People's War of Nepal"  from TISS, Guwahati Campus.


  • Gender Studies, Security Studies, Politics of Developing Countries
Papers Taught
  • Politics of Developing Countries
  • Feminist Political Theory
  • State Politics in India
  • Contemporary Political Thought
Research Experience
  • 1 year research experience in OKD Institute of Social Change and Development from 1st Sept. 2008 to 31st August 2009


  • Gogoi, Amrita Pritam (2013), Whose Body is it Anyways? Some Reflections on Womanhood and its Self AlienationsJournal of Politics, Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University, Vol. XV, ISSN 2277-5617.
  • Gogoi, Amrita Pritam (2014), Looking at the East: Ecology, Migration, Capital and India's Look East Policy, Journal of Politics, Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University, Vol. XVI, ISSN 2277-5617.
  • Gogoi, Amrita Pritam (2016), Understanding Women's Agency: Women and Peace Initiatives in the North East, Dapun, 6th Issue, ISSN: 2349-5057
  • Gogoi, Amrita Pritam (2017), Troubled Identities:Women Ex-combatants in post-colonial Nepal,  in  Ashild Kolas eds Women,  Peace and Security in Nepal: From Civil War to Post-Conflict Reconstruction,  Routledge,  Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York. 
  • Gogoi, Amrita Pritam (2017),  Women and their Fantasy of Libration in Maoist Memoirs of Nepal,  Journal of Politics,  Department of Political Science,  Dibrugarh University,  ISSN 2277-5617

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