Dr. Amrita Kashyap Chaliha

Dr. Amrita Kashyap Chaliha
Dr. Amrita Kashyap Chaliha
Assistant Professor
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B. Sc. Genetics (Bangalore University)
  2. Master’s Degree: M. Sc. Biotechnology (Bangalore University)
  3. Ph.D.: Dibrugarh University

Professional Experience:

  • 8+ years of teaching experience as Asst. Prof. at Centre for Studies in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Dibrugarh University

Areas of Interest/ Specialization:

  • Drug discovery
  • Antitubercular drugs
  • Plant tissue culture
  • Molecular breeding

Papers taught:

  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Cell and Tissue Culture
  • IPR and Bioethics

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • DBT-twinning project in collaboration with Prof. Vinita Chaturvedi, Senior Principal Scientist, Biochemistry Division, Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow and Dr. Diganta Sarma (Principal Investigator), Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Dibrugarh University
  • Standardisation of protocols for commercial micropropagation of different food crops and ornamental plants.


Research Publications:

  1. Gogoi, D., Chaliha, A. K., Sarma, D., Kakoti, B. B., &Buragohain, A. K. (2017). Identification of potential type 4 cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitors via 3D pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, DFT and structural bioisostere design. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 26(11), 3000-3014.
  2. Ali, A. A., Gogoi, D., Chaliha, A. K., Buragohain, A. K., Trivedi, P., Saikia, P. J., ... & Sarma, D. (2017). Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 1, 2, 3-triazole derivatives as anti-tubercular agents. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 27(16), 3698-3703.
  3. Gogoi, D., Baruah, V.J., Chaliha, A.K., Kakoti, B.B., Sarma, D. and Buragohain, A.K. (2017). Identification of novel human renin inhibitors through a combined approach of pharmacophore modelling, molecular DFT analysis and in silico screening. Computational Biology and Chemistry, 69, 28-40.
  4. Gogoi, D., Chaliha, A. K., Sarma, D., Kakoti, B. B., & Buragohain, A. K. (2017). Novel butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors through pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening and DFT-based approaches along-with design of bioisosterism-based analogues. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 85, 646-657.
  5. Gogoi, D., Baruah, V. J., Chaliha, A. K., Kakoti, B. B., Sarma, D., & Buragohain, A. K. (2016). 3D pharmacophore-based virtual screening, docking and density functional theory approach towards the discovery of novel human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2) inhibitors. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 411, 68-80.
  6. Chaliha, A.K., Gogoi, D., Sarma, D., Chetia, P., Buragohain, A. K. (2015). An In Silico Approach for Identification of Potential Anti-Mycobacterial Targets of Vasicine and Related Chemical Compounds. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 19(1), 14-24.


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