Dr. Alok Ranjan Dutta

Dr. Alok Ranjan Dutta
Dr. Alok Ranjan Dutta
Assistant Professor


Education : PhD


Professional/Teaching Experience: 

 Teaching Post-Graduate students since February, 2011 

Areas of  Specialisation and Interest: 

a)      Teaching :  Agricultural Economics,  Development Economics , Public Finance.

b)     Research:  Issues in Development Economics, Agricultural Economics,  Informal Sector.


Membership of Professional Bodies:

Life  member of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics

Life  member of Regional Science Society, India 

Life  member of North East Economic Association 


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    • "Impact of Formality on the Performance and Growth of the Unregistered Manufacturing Enterprises: Evidence from Assam" presented in the 56th Annual conference of Indian Econometric Society (TIES), organised by School of Economics, Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India, during 8-10th January 2020.

      "Does Firm Size Matter? An Appraisal of the Size- Productivity Relationship in the Unregistered Manufacturing Sector of Assam" Presented in the National Seminar organised by Dept. of Economics,Gauhati University under DRS-SAP of the UGC on 29-30 March,2019 

      "Performance of the Unregistered Manufacturing Sector of Assam- Is Small Always Beautiful?" Presented in the 19th Annual Conference of North East Economic Association (NEEA), organised by North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) from 23rd -24th March 2018. 

    • “Does flood influence the agricultural diversification? Evidence from a farm level survey in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam” presented in the 52nd Annual conference of Indian Econometric Society (TIES), organised by IIM, Kozhikode, Kerala during 4-6th January 2016.

    • “Growth and Structure of the Unregistered Manufacturing Sector of Assam” presented in the 17th Annual Conference of North East Economic Association (NEEA) organized by Dept of Economics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar from 30th October to 31st  October, 2015 

    • “MGNREGS, A Theoretically Good but Operationally Flawed Scheme -  Insights from Assam” presented in the National Seminar organized by Department of Economics, Gauhati University under DRS – SAP of the UGC on 27-28 March, 2015.

    • "Status of Financial Inclusion and its Determinants in Assam" presented in the National seminar  held at  Dept of Economics, Dibrugarh University under DRS-II, SAP on 7th March 2013.

    • “Convergence in Health Infrastructure of Assam– A District Level Investigation” Presented in the 13th annual conference of North East Economic Association (NEEA) organized by Assam University, Silchar during 16 to 18thNovember, 2011




      ‘International Summer school in Economics (focusing on Macro Economics, Spatial analysis and Network analysis)’ organized by dept. of Economics, Presidency University, Kolkata from 29th  July to 2nd  August, 2019.

      Workshop on “Productive Efficiency: Theory and Practice” organised by HSS & M, IIT, Bhubaneswar under GIAN programme of MHRD from 30th May 2016 to 8th June 2016

      Workshop on “Time Series Econometrics” organized by the school of HSS, IIT, Guwahati in collaboration with The Indian Econometric Society during 6-10 July,2015

      Training Programme on " Research Issues and Methods in India's Plantation Sector" organised by Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, jointly with OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati during 7-8th November 2014

      Refresher Course on "Macro Policies and Regional Development” organized by Dept. of Economics, Mumbai University, India, from 4th to 24 December,2014

      Course on "Research Methods in Labour Studies" organised by V.V. Giri National Labour Institute , Noida UP during July 16-20,2012

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