Dr. Ankur Bharali

Dr. Ankur Bharali
Dr. Ankur Bharali
Dibrugarh University Campus
Assistant Professor



 Ph. D., Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, India, 2015.

Thesis Title: Study on Some Graph Theoretical Aspects of Traffic Control Problems.

Supervisor: Prof. A. K. Baruah.

M. Sc., Mathematics & Computing

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, 2007.

B. Sc., Major in Mathematics 

J B College, Jorhat, India, 2005


Current Position

        Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University since 2009. 

Area of Interest

Chemical Graph Theory, Complex Networks


Mobile No: 9954293291

Email: [email protected]
               [email protected]

My Research Students

Amitav Doley (Ph D)

Dimpee Baruah (Ph D)

Abhigyan Mahanta (M Phil)

Jibon Jyoti Buragohain (M Phil)

Nijara Konch (M Phil)


Research Project 

            Completed an UGC-Major Project entitled “Study on Graph Theoretic Modeling in Traffic Control Problems” during 2011-2014 as Co-Principal Investigator.




  • Participated in a TEQIP STC on “Scientific Computing and Industrial Problems” organized by IIT Kharagpur during 19-23 Nov, 2018 
  • Delivered a talk on “Geometric approach to linear algebra” organized by Kakojan College, Jorhat on 26 August, 2017.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Eigenvector centrality and network criticality in analysis of robustness and reliability for road traffic networks” in 9th IMA International conference on Modelling in industrial maintenance and reliability (MIMAR), organized by Institute of Mathematics and its applications, London at Imperial College London during July 12-14, 2016. 
  • Participated in a workshop on “Development of self-learning materials” organized by DDE, DU during June 15-21, 2015.
  • Presented a paper entitled “On eigenvector centrality as a measure of compatibility of a traffic intersection” in International seminar on Game theory and its applications to social and economic networks, organised by Department of Mathematics, Dibrugarh university during December 10-12, 2014.
  • Delivered a talk on “Mathematical computation using MATLAB” organised by JB College on 28 Jan, 2014.
  • Presented a paper entitled “On robustness of traffic networks” in RTMA-2013 organised by Digboi college during October 7-8, 2013.
  • Participated in a workshop on “Development of self-learning materials” organised by DDE, DU during February 17-23, 2013.
  • Presented a paper entitled “A measurement of compatibility of a traffic intersection” in NSMA-2012 organised by Dept. of mathematics, Burdwan University during March 28-29, 2012.
  • Participated in a workshop on “Introduction to graph and geometric algorithms” organised by IIT Guwahati during October 21-23, 2011.
  • Acted as a Resource person in “Excursion in mathematics” sponsored by NBHM organised by AAM during July 1-6, 2011.
  • Participated in workshop on “Numerical and statistical computation using MATLAB software” organised by Department of Statistics, Dibrugarh university during March 21-25, 2011.



Research Article


  1. On network criticality in robustness analysis of a network structure, Malaya Journal of Matematik, 7(1), 2019, (Accepted) (with D. Baruah).
  2. Some results on augmented Zagreb index of some trees and unicyclic graphs, CMI, 28(1),  41-47, 2019 (with Nijara Neog).
  3. On Hyper Zagreb Index of Three Graph Operations, J. of Com. & Math. Sc., 10(2), 301-309, February 2019. (with A. Doley)
  4. Reduced first Zagreb index, reduced second Zagreb index and Hyper-Zagreb index of four new sums based on Tensor product of graphs, Global J. of Engg. Sci, and Researches, 5(11), 12-19, 2018. (with J Buragohain & A. Mahanta)
  5. Hyper Zagreb index and reduced Zagreb index of four new operations of graphs, J. of Com. & Math. Sc., 9(10), 1292-1300, October 2018. (with J. Buragohain, A. Mahanta)
  6. A graph theoretic approach to quantify the conflict of traffic streams in a traffic intersection, Res. & Rev.: Discrete Mathematical Structures, 5(2), 22-25, 2018
  7. On multiplicative Zagreb indices of two new operations of graphs, Adv. in Ineq. and App., 2018:14, 2018.
  8.  An analysis of email-Eu-core network, Int. J. of Sci. Res. in Math. & Stat. Sc., 5(4), 104-110, 2018.
  9. An extension of ABC matrix and ABC energy for mixed graphs, J. of Com. & Math. Sc., 9(6), 513-519, 2018.
  10. On first Hermitian-Zagreb matrix and first-Hermitian Zagreb energy, Int. J. of Sci. Res. in Math. & Stat. Sc., 5(3), 136-139, 2018.
  11.  On structure and robustness of airport network of India, Res. & Rev.: Discrete Mathematical Structures, 5(2), 26-33, 2018  (with D. Baruah)
  12. Computation of some degree based topological indices of silicates layer, Ann. Pure & Appl. Math., 16(2), 287-293, 2018. (with Rajdeep Bora)
  13. R degree and R indices of silicates layer, Int. J. of Recent Inv. in Eng. & Res., 3(2), 5-8, 2018  (with Rajdeep Bora)
  14. A note on stability and continuity of Lin’s index in weighted networks, Asian J. of Math. & Comp. Res., 20(3), 104-108, 2017. 
  15. A comparative study of vertex deleted centrality measures, Ann. Pure & Appl. Math., 14(1), 199-205, 2017. (with D. Baruah)
  16. Network criticality in l-balanced solutions, Int. J. of Recent Inv. in Eng. & Res., 2(6), 37-43, 2017. 
  17. On Small-world and scale-free properties of complex network, Int. J. of Math. & Stats. Inv.5(7), 11-16, 2017. (with A. Doley)
  18. Comparison of Laplacian centrality with some node centrality measures, Int. J. of Math. Arch., 8(7), 225-229, 2017. (with D. Baruah ) 
  19. On some graph measures of robustness in traffic network, Int. J. of Math. & Com. Appl. Res., 5(5), 43-48, 2015.
  20. Optimal feasible green light assignment to a traffic intersection using intersection graph, Int. J. of Comp. Appl., 65, 12, 2013. (with A K Baruah)
  21. Effective length of an edge in a traffic network, Int. J. of Math. & Com. Appl. Res., 3(2), 241-248, 2013. (with A K Baruah)
  22. On eigenvalue centrality of a traffic intersection, Int. J. of Comb. Graph Th. & Appl., 5(1), 57-62, 2012. (with A K Baruah) 

Under Review 

  • Inverse sum indeg status index of Graphs and its applications to octane isomers and benzenoid (joint work)
  • On Inverse sum indeg index and ISI matrix 
  • On reduced second Zagreb index of four sums on graphs
  • Entire forgotten topological index of graphs (joint work)
  • Four new operations of graphs based on Indu-Bala product and the Zagreb indices (joint work) 



  1.  Edited "Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing", a Self Learning Material of DODL, Dibrugarh University, 2017, ISBN: 978-93-82785-66-8. 
  2. Traffic Control Problems: A graph theoretic approach, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, December 2016, ISBN: 978-3-659-97939-2.


Chapter in a book

  1.  On Randic index and its related matrices,  in Advanced Mathematics: Theory and Applications (Vol II), ed. Taekyun Kim, 297-309, 2018 (with Jibonjyoti Buragohain) 
  2. S degree and R degree based Topological Indices, in Advanced Mathematics: Theory and Applications (Vol II), ed. Taekyun Kim, 331-341, 2018 (with Rajdeep Bora)  
  3. Centrality Measures in Complex Network Analysis: A Case Study, in Advanced Mathematics: Theory and Applications (Vol II), ed. Taekyun Kim, 357-364, 2018 (with Dimpee Baruah) 
  4. A Note on ABC Matrix and ABC energy, in Advanced Mathematics: Theory and Applications (Vol II), ed. Taekyun Kim, 287-296, 2018 (with Abhigyan Mahanta)
  5. A brief survey on some topological indices of graphs and their applications, in Srotasviní, ed. Niraj Baruah, et al., 177-185, 2018 (with Amitav Doley)
  6. Supply chain system in e-tailing as a complex network, in Digital India-a road ahead, ed. Tazyn Rahman, 151-155, 2017 (with Dimpee Baruah)
  7. Complete set of signal groups of traffic streams in an isolated traffic intersection, in Advanced Mathematics: Theory and Applications, edTaekyun Kim, 163-173, 2017. (with A. K. Baruah) 


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