Dr. Sarthak Sengupta

Dr. Sarthak Sengupta
Dr. Sarthak Sengupta


Educational Qualifications:


Specialization Advanced Physical Anthropology


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[email protected]
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Area of Interest
Current research interest are genetical demography, globin gene distribution, population genetics, bio-social studies, diet and nutrition, indigenous health practices in tribal population of North East India.

Courses/Papers taught
10100, 20100, 20300, 20402, 30101, 30201, 30300, 30400, 40200, 40210, 40220, 40230, 40320, 40500
Ph.D. level: Paper-I & Paper-II



Selected Publications


  1. Physical Anthropology of the Koch Populations of India (A Study from Assam), Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1993, ISBN 81-7099-524-8.
  2. Tribal of North East India: Biological and Cultural Perspectives (Edited), Second Reprint in 2003, Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi, ISBN: 81-212-0463-1.
  3. Tribal Situation in North East India (Edited), Inter India Publications, New Delhi, 1994, ISBN: 81-210-0335-0.
  4. Peoples of North East India (Edited), Second Reprint in 2008, Third Reprint in 2011, Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi, ISBN: 81-212-0519-0.
  5. Studies in Anthropology: Recent Perspectives* (Edited), Inter India Publications, New Delhi, 1997, ISBN: 81-210-0353-X.
  6. Health Healers and Healing: Studies in Medical Anthropology (Edited), National Library, Siliguri, 1999, ISBN: 81-86860-10-8.
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  9. Tribal Studies in North East India (Edited), New Delhi, Mittal Publications, 2002, ISBN: 81-7099-843-3.
  10. The Tea Labourers of North East India: An Anthropo-historical Perspective (Edited), New Delhi, Mittal Publications, 2009, ISBN: 81-8324-306-1.
Other Publications
  1. “Haemoglobin E among the Khasi of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya” (Joint). In People of Contemporary North East India (Ed. T. Baruah), Pp 26-37, Pratisruti Publication, 
  2. “Health Status of Tribal Women in North East India: A Review”, Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics, 29, 1-2: 141-150, 2010.
  3. “Health of Tea Garden Workers: A Case Study in Upper Assam” (Joint), In B. K. Medhi, R.P. Athparia and K. Jose (Eds): Tribes of North East India: Issues and Challenges, Pp 145-153, Omsons Publications, New Delhi, 2009.
  4. “Prevalence of CYP1A1 and GST polymorphisms in the populations of North Eastern India and Susceptibility of Oral Cancer” (Joint), Oncology Research, 17, 9: 397-403, 2009.
  5. “GST and CYP polymorphisms related to tea drinking and oral pathology” (Joint), International Journal of Human Genetics, 8, 3: 295-299, 2008.
  6. “Haplotypes, Mutations and Male Fertility: The Story of the Testis Specific Ubiquitin Protease USP26” (Joint), Molecular Human Reproduction, 12, 10: 643-646, 2006.
  7. “Alpha Thalassaemia among tribal populations of Eastern India” (Joint), Hamoglobin (USA), 29, 4: 277-280, 2005.
  8. “Incidence of haemoglobinopathies associated with anaemia in population of North East India” (Joint), In Recent Advances in Genetics and Health, Pp 189-196, Edited by P. Usha Rani; A. Jyothi and M. Hemo Prasad. Osmania University, Hyderabad: Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Disease

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