Dr. Surajit Borkotokey

Dr. Surajit Borkotokey
Dr. Surajit Borkotokey


Name: Dr. Surajit Borkotokey

Designation : Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Cooperative Game Theory, Networks, Fuzzy Sets, Aggregation.

Educational Qualifications:

             M.Sc. (Delhi Univ.) , M.Phil. (Delhi Univ.) , Ph.D. (Dib Univ.)

Professional Assignments:

             Visiting Indo-US Fellow at LSU, USA (2011-12)

             Visiting Faculty at BIT, China (2014, 2016)

             Visiting Faculty at SUT, Bratislava, Slovakia (2017)

Contact :
           Mobile No: 091-9954430677

           E- mail: [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected]

Awards, Distinction and Fellowships:

  1. UKIERI Award for a Project on Bi-cooperative Network Games and its Applications to Networks for three years with a total amount of 1,62,000 GBP between Dr. Rajnish Kumar, Queen's University, Belfast and Prof. S. Borkotokey, Dibrugarh University.
  2. NSP(National Scholarship Program) award from SAIA, Slovak Government for three months to work as a visiting faculty at Slovak University of Technology during January-March, 2017.
  3. National award for Best Research Paper in Mathematical Science Section Presented in the Mathematical Science Section of “ Indian Science Congress - 2002” held in Lucknow, India.
  4. Indo-US Research Fellowship for doing research in Network Analysis at the Dept. of Economics, Louisiana State University, USA during 2011 awarded by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, India.


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