Dr. B. B. Kakoti

Dr. B. B. Kakoti
Dr. B. B. Kakoti
Associate Professor
Pharmaceutical Science



  1. Bachelor’s Degree : B. Pharm
  2. Master’s Degree :M. Pharm (Specialization in Pharmacology)
  3. Ph.D.: Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. Other: Post Doctoral Studies in USA

Professional Experience:

Areas of Interest/ Specialization: Pharmacology (Screening and Evaluation of Plant/Synthetic Drugs.)

Research Projects: AICTE (RPS), UGC (MRP)

Other Projects: 

  1. Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (DBT-BIF)
  2. DBT Electronic Library Consortium (DelCON)
  3. Institutional Level Biotech Hub (IBT Hub) Facility
  4. Strengthening of Biotechnology teaching, training and research in NE Institutions. (Sponsored by DBT, MHRD, and Govt. Of India)


Ph.D Scholars:

Sl. No.




(On-going /Completed)


Mr.Nazim Hussain

Evaluation of anti cancer and antidiabetic activities of the extract of C.dichotoma.Forst




Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of traditionally used plant Dillenia pentagyna Roxb




Phytochemical Investigation and Biological evaluation of Helicia nilagirica Bedd.



Ms K Thanzami

Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of bioactive compounds from extracts of Lonicera macrantha (d.Long)spreng., an ethnomedicinal plant of Mizoram



Mr.Manjir Sarma Kataki

Study of indigenous plants for the development of Hepatoprotective herbal formulation and improvement of bioavailability through in vivo and in vitro expt.



Mr.Banoranjan Phukan

Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of some ethnomedicinal plantsof Brahmaputra valley of Assam



Mr.Bichitra Doley⃰

Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on some ethnomedicinal plants used by Mising Tribes of Assam



Ms. Munmi Borkotoki

Studies on the  Antimicrobial, Hepatoprotective Activity and Soil Rhizosphere Population of Certain Ethnomedicinal Plants of Dibrugarh



Administrative Assignments:

  • Centre In-charge for the Centre of Studies in Biotechnology,
  • Scientist in Charge of the Institutional Animal Ethical Committee of DU,
  • Member of BOS of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • Member of BOS of Centre for Studies Biotechnology,
  • Chairman of DRC of Centre for Studies in Biotechnology,  
  • Member of Advisory Committee, Office of the International Affairs, DU
  • Coordinator of DBT funded projects viz. Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF), Institutional Biotech Hub (IBTHub), Delcon and DBT-HRD projects.

Extension Service:

  • Member of the Committee constituted for the Adopted Village of Dibrugarh University.


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