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The Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University, established in the month of February 1967, has been one of the oldest Departments of the University. In the year 2011, the Department completes 44 years of its presence with significant contribution towards teaching and research in the discipline of political science. The Department has produced an alumni who are well placed in different spheres of life. It has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) since the Academic Session 2009-10.

The Mission of the Department are as follows :

  • To engage with teaching and research of a high standard and quality in the field of Political Science with an interdisciplinary approach whenever necessary.
  • To create thinking human beings concerned with problems of our social realities with a commitment to understand, analyse and find solutions to them.
  • To develop critical insight and create original, innovative and creative ideas.
  • To create future citizens with a moral commitment to certain values, such as, Liberty, Equality and Justice.
  • To generate awareness, initiate debate and discussion on issues having contemporary social relevance through holding symposias, Lectures, Talks etc.
  • To engage in extension activities, meet local needs and create an interaction of the department with its neighborhood
  • Its long-term mission is to make the Department a Centre of Excellence.

Other Highlights:

Journal of Politics :A departmental journal called Journal of Politics is published  annually which gives an insight to the academic engagements of its faculty.

Departmental Library:The Departmental Library is equipped with more than 1500 books and a good number of back volumes of national and international journals. Faculty, Research     Scholars and Students can avail the services of the Library.

DibrugarhUniversityPolitical Science Association (DUPSA):The Department of Political Science has an association comprising of the teaching faculty and students called DUPSA    that engage in academic activities.

Alumni: Alumni from this Department have been placed in different spheres of public life   like Academics, Civil Services, Police Services, Media, Postal Services, Banking Services, etc.