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The Department of History was established in 1967; two years after the establishment of the University. The aims and objectives of this Department are to serve the academic and intellectual pursuits of the students of Upper Assam in particular, and those of others states of India in general and also students from outside the country. The objectives correspond to the aims and objectives of the University defined in its Act. In pursuance of this the Department provides for “instruction and research in the humanities of a standard and thoroughness required and expected of a University of the highest standing, and to secure the advancement, diffusion and extension of knowledge in all spheres of learning.”


The Department aims at acquainting the students with the heritage of the nation, and of the world and with the socio-cultural and economic background of the region where it exists. Specializations are offered to enable the pupils to acquire special knowledge on certain branches of study, to orient the students in research methodology and higher research and to make them upto the mark in context of present world affair.


In the next two decades the Department aims at making it a Centre of Excellence for study and research in the field of Humanities & Social Sciences. Dibrugarh University being situated in three sides by the international boundaries of three countries-China, Burma & Bangladesh, the Department proposes to develop a full-fledged Centre for Frontier Studies to research on inter country socio-economic and political relationships which the Govt. of India may take into account for its policy making.

The department started functioning since 1967 with Manilal Bose, a lecturer then, as the Head, and Mrs. S.L. Baruah and N. Goswami as lecturers. The intake capacity was then limited to 35 students per year only which has been increased to 60 at present. Since then the Department avail the opportunity of many prominent scholars as its faculty members they included persons like P.C. Chaudhury, Swarnalata Baruah and others. The Department hold National Seminars, Workshops and Lectures by eminent scholars of the country regularly. Considering its potentiality for research, the UGC has included the Department into the list of its ‘Special Assistance Programme’ The Department has a Chair established in the year 1992 at the name of Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva a great socio-religious reformer of post-Sankardeva times. Devoted to work on the society, religion and culture of Assam, the Chair is presently held by Prof. Dambarudhar Nath, an eminent scholar in the field.

The History Department publishes a referred research journal annually entitled Journal of Historical Research since 1974. Besides, there are regular research publications from the Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair.