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The Centre for Management Studies (CMS), Dibrugarh University is one of the Centres established by Dibrugarh University.  The Centreis the easternmost management institute of India located within the campus of India’s eastern most University, Dibrugarh University. It came into being with the formal notification issued on November 25, 2002. The notification also declared the constitution of a Board of Management (BoM) where the Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University was made the Chairman. Classes started from February 3, 2003 which is celebrated as the Foundation Day of the Centre.

The Centre has the Vision – “Challenging the Challenges” and the following Missions:

  1. To achieve academic excellence and knowledge creation through teaching, research and consulting and become a role model for newly emerging centres of quality management education in the country
  2. To develop professionals who are committed to excellence in their personal and professional endeavours and who have the vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage change
  3. To cater to the emerging needs of business enterprises in both traditional and new economy
  4. To groom future business leaders as well as entrepreneurs
  5. To strengthen development process with human face

To achieve the said Visions and Missions, the Centre has been working with the following objectives:

  1. To run Postgraduate and Undergraduate Management Programmes
  2. To take up Developmental Studies in Areas of Future Growth
  3. To run Executive Education Programmes
  4. To offer tailor-made specific Management Programmes suitable for the Industries of the Region
  5. To develop and run Programmes for different Levels of Government Employees
  6. To harness the intellectual and experiential Capital for the Development of the Region by Developing and Investing in the Human Capital
  7. To Review, Research and Articulate Best Practices in Management at all levels