Atmospheric Studies

Department of Atmospheric Studies1 Department of Atmospheric Studies2

Silver Jubilee Year - 2014


Established in 2006


Active research in Space and atmospheric physics during the past more than two decades in the Department of Physics has led to the establishment of the Centre to further promote activities in these areas.

Dedicated to research and training in the field of Atmospheric and Space Physics.

The Centre has the following two-fold objectives:

Applied Scientific Research

To broad base the current research activities in the area of atmospheric and environmental sciences in Dibrugarh University with focused regional perspective in the light of development in these fields globally.

Human Resource Development

To introduce a course leading to the award of “Advanced P.G. Diploma in Atmospheric Sciences” for students of Physics/Geophysics aimed at bridging the gap in demand and supply scenario of manpower required in this challenging and socially relevant field of human endeavor.