College Notification

Expired College Notifications

Suspension of permission granted to North Lakhimpur law college, Lakhimpur
Notification regarding Zonal office for conducting Evaluation and Scrutiny of the forthcoming B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part I (1+1+1) Special Examination, 2014
Submission of utilization of grants received from the UGC by the Colleges(reminder) last date 10th July2014
UGC notification for following reservation norms for SC/ST/OBC by the Colleges
Notification regarding Sports Board affiliation fee
Submission of utilization certificates by the colleges against the grants received from the UGC on or before 30th June 2014
Notifications of the U.G.C. for submission of proposals by the Colleges for availing of financial assistance under various schemes
Proposals for starting new faculties, Subjects, Additional Section, New Colleges etc.
Steps to be taken by the Affiliated/Permitted Colleges for Use of I C T and E-Resouces of Library w.e.f. the coming Academic Session
Notification regarding Practical Paper and the Project Paper in all the TDC Semester Examinations
Notification regarding Special last chance for T.D.C. students
Proforma to be filled up by the Examination Centres/to be used by the Observers for ensuring TDC Semester examinations, 2014
Notification regarding Education Syllabus of 6th Semester
Notification regarding Affiliation fees towards the Dibrugarh University Sports Board for the year, 2014-2015.
Notification regarding Inter College Tournament(s)/Competition(s) during 2014-15.
Notification regarding Zonal Offices for conducting Spot Evaluation and Scrutiny of T.D.C. 2nd,4th and 6th Semester Examinations, 2014
Guidelines for Preparation and Evaluation Project/Dissertation of the BA & B.Sc. Programmes in the Semester System
Programme for BBA 2nd,4th & 6th Semester Examinations 2014
Notification regarding BBA 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester (Regular) Examinations, 2014
Notification regarding B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. 2nd/4th/6th Semester Examinations, 2014 form and fees
Poster-Designing Competition as part of Voter Awareness held in Dibrugarh University
Notification regarding Mandatory NAAC Assessment
Notification regarding fees structure of non-provincialised (General Degree) Colleges permitted/affiliated to Dibrugarh University
Call for photograph
Holiday declared on account Holi, Doljatra (Fakua) on 17/03/2014 (Monday)
Notification regarding T.D.C. 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester Examinations, 2014
Notification regarding preparation of Individual College profile
Notification regarding construction of women's hostel in the colleges
Notification regarding TDC Part-I Special Examination (backlog candidates), 2014
Information on Meet-cum workshop for College Principals/Academic Administrator
Notification regarding B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. TDC Part I (1+1+1) Examination
Notification regarding B.Com. 6th Semester HRM Speciality Programme
Notification regarding filling of proforma for preparation of individual college profile
Programme for TDC Part-II Examinations, 2014
Notification regarding reschedule of Inter College Athletic Meet 2013-14.
Notification regarding Inter College Athletic Meet 2013-14
Notification regarding to open Buddhist & Ambedkar Study Centre
Fixture for Inter College Cricket Tournament 2013-14
Notification regarding Inter College Competitions, 2013-14
Addendum to the Holiday List : 2013
Zonal addresses for 1st, 3rd and 5th semester TDC Examinations, 2013
List of Zonal offices for conducting Spot Evaluation and Scrutiny of the T.D.C. 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester Examinations, 2013
Meeting of the Principals of the Permitted/ Affiliated colleges
Correction of names in University registration cards
Admission notice for backlog candidates for admission into TDC Part II & III examinations, 2014
Complete Modified Syllabus for Sociology Major (5th & 6th Sem)
Notification regarding last chance to the BCA, LLB (old course) students
Notification relating to Modification Syllabus for Sanskrit Major (Course SNSM-501)
Modifications of Sociology Major Syllabus for (5th & 6th Semester)
Notification relating to Modification Syllabus for Political Science Major (Course PSCM-502)
Schedule for Inter College Football Tournament 2013-14
Notification for Submission of Annual Report 2012-2013
UGC notification regarding Major Research Project to University and College teachers
Notification for TDC 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester Examinations, 2013
Syllabuses of the Skill Based Courses for B.Sc. (General) Programme in the Semester System
UGC scheme of Joint Appointment for Exchange of Human Resources between Universities and other Institutions/Organisations
Notification regarding appearing University Examinations.
UGC Regulation For Curbing The Menace Of Ragging
Revised notification regarding Course Structure and Syllabi of the Zoology and Botany Subjects Programme under Semester System,
Modified Syllabuses for Zoology Major Programmes
Modified Syllabuses for Zoology General Programmes
Modified Syllabuses for Botany Major and General Programmes
Notification regarding Course Structure and Syllabi for the Zoology and Botany Subjects (Major and General) of the B.Sc. Programme
Notification regarding Submission of the list of admitted students
Notification regarding sanction of additional intake in the B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc. Programme
Important notification on the resolution of 102nd Academic Council
Notification regarding suicides being committed by Dalit Students in Higher Education Institutes
Notification regarding higher education
Syllabuses for Skill Based Courses for B.Sc. (General) Programme in the Semester System
Notification regarding annual fees of the Sports Board
Syllabuses of Skill Based Courses for B.A (General) Programme in the Semester System
UGC otification regarding extension of Orientation/Refresher courses
Notification enrolment fees
Revised Syllabus of the BBA Programme in the Semester System, Paper Code: 20100:QT-I, 30100:QT-II, 10300: Business Economics, 10200:Principles of Management, 60310:Understanding the Customer.
Revised syllabus for the Geography subject, Paper Code: GGRG 101 & GGRM 201.
Last date of receiving the formal proposal for permission/affiliation for introduction of new subject(s) / course(s)
Notification regarding renewal fees for additional section
Internal assessment software for TDC semester system
Notification for campus recruitment
Notification regarding Spot Evaluation and Scrutiny of T.D.C. 2nd and 4th Semester Examination, 2013
Notification regarding Annual Report 2011 2012.
Revised Syllabus for Sociology Major Course
Notification regarding Revised Syllabus for Sociology Major (Course Code: SOCM 401)
Nomination of Indian Scholars under Cultural Exchange Programme
UK- India Education and Research Initiative- call for proposal
Proforma of Application for special chance in the Dibrugarh University examinations
Notification regarding Introduction of Cyber Security/Information Security subject
Modified regulations for the B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. Programmes
Syllabuses of the Geography Major subject of the Six-Semester B.A./ B.Sc. Programme
Syllabuses of Computer Skill- II for the compulsory subject in B.Sc. 4th Semester General Programme
UGC's letter regarding E-payment system for colleges
UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions.
Submission of utilisation certificate for the expenditure of Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST candidates
19h annual conference of Indian college
Notification regarding Enrolment Fees of permitted/affiliated Law colleges
Academic Job Portal at UGC
Zonal Offices for conduct of the ensuing TDC Part-I,II & III Examinations, 2013
List of Elected Principals and Teachers of Affiliated Degree Colleges of the different authorities of the Dibrugarh University
Multi Disciplinary Course Syllabus for B.A. Programme
Revised Environmental Studies Syllabus
UGC circular regarding grievance redressal mechanism in affiliated colleges
Notification regarding Internal Assessment (IA) marks
Notification regarding counting of votes for the election of the members of various Authorities of the Dibrugarh University
Campus Recruitment Notice
Notification regarding Executive Development Programme (EDP) for Principle
Campus recruitment under WAS/WiSTA programme from affiliated College
Important Notice to the TDC Students facing Disciplinary Action
Revised syllabus for 3rd Semester Computer Science
Submission of Annual Report 2011-2012 for Colleges
Notification regarding 109th meeting of Under Graduate Board
Notification regarding meeting of the Principals
Electoral Roll for Election of Principal and Teachers of Affiliated Degree Colleges to the different authorities of the university
Notification regarding Election of Principals and Teachers of Affiliated Degree Colleges
Information's required from permitted/affiliated non- provincialized colleges
Notice regarding Sports Board fees
Executive Council resolution regarding withdrawal of affiliation
Notification regarding deposit affiliation / permission fees to the University
Notification for renewal fees for additional section of TDC Semester Programme
Fee Structure for Professional Courses/General Degree Colleges/Institutions w.e.f. session 2012-13
Notice for Permission for Special Progression of the TDC Part II failed Students to TDC Part III Classes
Notification Regarding shifting of Environmental Studies Course from B.A., Sc., B.Com 3rd Semester to 4th Semester
Notification and Syllabus of Functional English (B.A. 3rd Semester)
Notification and Syllabus of Communication Skills (B.A. 3rd Semester)
Notification for Last date of receiving the formal proposal
UGC anti graft Notification
Notification regarding Computer Skill Course for B.Sc. and B.A. Course
Notice Computer Skill Courses of the B.Sc. & B.A. Programmes
Important Notice for College
Guidelines for Semester Monitoring Committee(s) of Dibrugarh University