Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics was established in the year 1967.  Dr. S. N. N. Pandit was the founder head of the department.  Currently the department has nine (9) full time well qualified faculties.  Besides the permanent teachers the department regularly invites eminent teachers from premier institutions to apprise the students with latest developments

The department has been recognized for its contribution towards the cause of the subject and has so far received financial assistance under

  1. DST-FIST programme for the period 2004-2009.
  2. UGC innovative programme to run  Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Techniques and Computation (PGDSTC) course for the period 2007-08 to 2011-12.
  3. SAP-DRS-I of UGC for the period 2009-2014. (Thrust area – Biostatistics)

Objective of the department:

To Train students in various aspects of statistics by offering varied courses in Statistics to the post graduate diploma and degree students Promote state of art research in various fields of Theoretical and Applied Statistics through research guidance to M. Phil and Ph.D. Scholars. Academic help and guidance to scholars/ faculties/ scientists from other academic institutions and research labs.

Seminars / Workshops / Training Programmes organized by the Department (2003 onwards):

  1. National Seminar on “Recent Development in Statistical Methods and Operations Research” March, 20-21, 2003, Sponsored by RBI, Mumbai, DST, OIL, ONGC.
  2. Regional Workshop on “Survival Analysis, June 12-13,2003 Sponsored by Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  3. Regional Workshop on “SQC and OR Concepts and Methodology” Oct. 04-06, 2004 Sponsored by Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  4. Two days Regional workshop on Bioinformatics, March, 2004, Sponsored by UGC and ICMR, New Delhi.
  5. State level workshop on “Application of Statistics in Social and basic Sciences”, 14th Dec., 2006, Sponsored by Dibrugarh University.
  6. Workshop on Mathematical Programming and Related Topics on Optimization – Methods, Applications and Practices, Nov. 12 –14, 2007 Sponsored by Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.
  7. Organized one Refresher course for UG/PG teachers of Indian Universities during 2004
  8. One week Training Programme in Actuarial Science, Dept. of Statistics, D.U. March 25 - 29, 2008
  9. Training Programme on Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Organized by Department of Statistics, D.U., in Association With SPSS, South Asia, Bangalore, September 19 – 20, 2008
  10. DST sponsored Summer School 1 – 30 July, 2009.
  11. Certification programme on Six-Sigma Green Belt in collaboration with I.S.I., Bangalore, 2010
  12. State level workshop onWorkshop on Statistics in Industries and Health Sciences with Special Reference to North-East India, Sponsored by Dibrugarh University, 2010
  13. National Seminar on Bio- statistics, under SAP, Sponsored by UGC, February, 2010.
  14. Certification programme on Six-Sigma Green Belt in collaboration with I.S.I., Bangalore, 2011
  15. Training programme in Numerical and Statistical computation using MATLAB Software, March 21-25, 2011.

Research and Review

Research area

  1. Applied Regression Analysis
  2. Applied Econometrics
  3. Bio Statistics
  4. Discrete and Continuous Probability Distribution
  5. Medical Statistics
  6. Statistical Quality Control
  7. Statistical Inference

Ph. D. Scholars

  1. Dhrubajyoti Chakravarty
  2. Partha jyoti Hazarika, DST Inspire Research Fellow.
  3. Pallav Chang Kakaty, Assistant Professor, Kohima Science College, Nagaland, India
  4. J. Baruah, Assistant Professor, Dibru College, India.
  5. Santamala Chanu, Manipur, India
  6. Kakumoni Neog, UGC Research Fellow
  7. B. Buragohain, Statistician, RMRC(ICMR, NE), Dibrugarh, India
  8. Gopa Sinha, Associate Professor, G C College, Silchar, Assam, India
  9. Deba Kr. Baruah, Assistant Professor, North Lakhimpur College, Assam, India
  10. Pranamika Goswami, Assistant Professor, Sibasagar College, Assam, India
  11. Smita Borah, Assistant Professor, NERIM, Assam, India
  12. Ajit Goswami
  13. Swagata Kotoky
  14. Irani Saikia
  15. Arnab Narayan Patowary, UGC Major Project Fellow


Mr. Subash Chanda, Kotak Mahindra Inusurance, India.
Dr. Chakraborty, IIT, Guwahati, India.
Prof. Prasun Das,. ISI, Kolkata, India.
Prof. Arup Das,. ISI, Kolkata, India.
Prof. Alok Goswami, Theoretical Statistics Division, ISI Kolkata, India.
Prof. Anup Mazumdar, ISI, Kolkata
Prof. S.B. Nandi, Presidency College, Kolkata

Prof. B N Bharttcharjee, BHU, India
Prof. R C Yadav,BHU, India

Prof. A Roy Chowdhury, ISI, Banglore, India
Prof. Somnath Roy ISI, Bangalore, India
Mr. Sanjit Roy, ISI, Bangalore, India.
Dr. Prasun Das,. ISI, Kolkata, India.
Dr. H. K. Chatuvedi, NIMS, New Delhi, India
Prof. R. N. Misra, Patna University, India
Prof. R. K. Narendra Singh, RIMS, Manipur, India
Prof. Alok Goswami, Theoretical Statistics Division, ISI Kolkata, India.

Prof. R. K. Narendra Singh, RIMS, Manipur, India
Prof. B N Bhatacharjee, BHU
Prof. A. Biswas, ISI, Kolkata
Prof. TES Raghavan, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA


Research Collaborations

Dr. S. Chakraborty

  1. Prof. R. S. Ambagspitiya of University of Calgary, Canada since 2006
  2. Prof. S. H. Ong, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of Malaya, Malaysia since 2009
  3. Prof. K. Shimizu, Dept. of Mathematics, Keio University, Japan, since 2009
  4. Mr. Subrata Sinha, Lecturer, Centre for Bio-informatics Studies, Dibrugarh University, since 2010

Prof. J. Hazarika

  1. Dr. R.K. Phukan of RMRC (ICMR) DBR
  2. Dr. P.K. Das North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (NERIST) 3. K.C. Borah, Dept. of Economics, D.U.

Dr. M. P. Barman

  1. Dr. R.K. Phukan of RMRC (ICMR) DBR
  2. Mr. Subrata Sinha, Lecturer, Centre for Bio-informatics Studies, Dibrugarh University

Research Projects

A Study of Some Inference Models in Reliability Theory –

P.I. – Dr. G.L. Sriwastav, Retd. Professor

Co-P.I. – Prof. J. Hazarika,

Assam Statistical Review

“Assam Statistical Review (ASR)” ISSN No. 0976-4291
Started in the year 1987, ASR is a peer reviewed research journal in Statistics published twice in March and September every year. It accepts original research work from all area of Statistics (both theoretical and applied) including case studies. So far 24 Volume of the journal has been published. For submission
Contact : e-mail : [email protected]
Editor : Dr. Subrata Chakraborty

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