Department of Mathematics

The Department came into existence in 1967 with a major objective to serve as a center of academic excellence in the area of Post Graduate education in Mathematics and to provide research facilities for teaching, training and research in this area. Apart from regular courses like M.A./M.Sc., Six-Month Pre-Registration Course Work of the  Ph. D./ M. Phil.  Programmes, M. Phil. and Ph. D., presently the department is offering classes/guidance to the students preparing  for NET and GATE Examinations also. The Department since its inception have organized various Seminars, Workshops, Refresher Courses, Summer Institutes to train the teachers of the region. In 1992 the department was selected under COSIST by UGC . The Department is receiving NBHM  Book Grants since 1992 –93 till to-day . The Department is also getting financial support from FIST for infrastructure developments. In 2007, the Department was awarded financial assistance under Special Assistance Program (SAP) of UGC for a period of 5 years with Mathematical Modeling as  the thrust area.

  • M.A./ M.Sc. in Mathematics
  • M.Phil. in Mathematics
  • Ph. D. in Mathematics
  • D.Sc. in Mathemtics

Research Projects:

Completed Major Research Project:

One Major research project funded by Department of Atomic Energy has been completed. The title of the project was "Modeling of Uncertainty and Variability in Radiological Risk Assessment."

On Going Major Research Projects:

1. Under UGC:

At present four Major Research Projects funded by UGC are running. The titles of the Projects are as given follows:

A study on co-operative games and its applications to networks under crisp and fuzzy environment.
Effects of pressure gradient and temperature gradient on separation of binary fluid mixture.
Study on Graph theoretic modeling in traffic control problems.
Analysis of liquid metal MHD flow through a duct in presence strong transverse magnetic field.

2. Under DST:

One project funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) is running. The title of the project is "Mathematical modeling of evolutionary biology."

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