Department of Life Sciences

The department was established in 1977. At present there are 10 faculty members having six specialized institutes and other administrative services. 42 research scholars are now working in various fields of Life Sciences. The vision of the department is to work for upliftment of the socio-economic condition of the society by inventorizing, researching and developing new packages of practice and sustainable utilization of the bioresources of Brahmaputra Valley.


         "M.Sc.(BHU),Ph.D.(BHU) Biochemistry"

         "M.Sc.(Kalyani), Ph.D.(Kalyani) Microbiology"

        "M.Sc.(GU),Ph.D.(DU) Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding"

         "M.Sc.(JNU),Ph.D.(NEHU) Fish Biology & Ecology"

         "M.Sc.(DU), Ph.D.(DU) Plant Ecology"

         "M.Sc.(GU), Ph.D.(DU) Zoology (Entomology)"

         "M.Sc.(GU), M.Phil.(GU), Ph.D.(DU), Post-Doc Fellow (Southwest University, P.R.China) Cytogenetics & Pl.Breeding"

Associate Professor

        "M.Sc.(DU) Biochemistry"

Assistant Professors

         "M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDBI (Specialization: Spermatophyte Taxonomy, Bioinformatics)"

Dr. D.S. Bora
Dibrugarh University
Dibrugarh-786 004
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Collaborations and Projects

Collaborations with other departments and institutions Research collaboration with the following:

  • North East Institute of Science & Technology (NEIST)
  • Assam University (Silchar)
  • Rajiv Gandhi University (Itanagar)
  • NBFGR (Lucknow), vi) NEHU (Shillong)
  • Central Muga & Eri Research Institute (Jorhat)
  • AAU (Jorhat)
  • Rain Forest Research Institute (Jorhat)
  • NCL, Pune
  • TRA, Toklai, Jorhat are going on.


Digital database of Medicinal Plants


Digital database of Medicinal Plants


Bulletin of Life Sciences

Bulletin of Life Sciences


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